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Delmont, Pennsylvania
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Driver of the Month!
Driver of the Month!
In the Driver of the Month program, drivers who do a superior job are recognized for outstanding performance.  He / She is then observed during the month and judged on a variety of requirements. The most important requirement being safety which includes moving violations, department of transportation (DOT), write/ups, load securement, logs and accidents.
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Items for Sale


manual transmission 13-speed

Mileage is 1,275,219
12.7 Detroit engine
Asking $22.500 obo 

Items For Rent Items For Rent Kirk Trucking Service is proud to announce that we have flatbed, van, and single drop trailers available for rent!  Please see Don for details.
Items for sale by Kirk Items for sale by Kirk In house items for sale by Kirk Turcking Service include: Tarps, Chains, Rachet binders, Snap binders, Tarp Straps, Floor rubber, Edge protectors rubber, Coil racks, 4" strap only, 4" strap (chain), 2 inch strap chain, 2" ratchet only, portable bolt on winch, Cans of glue, Load locks, Flags, Oversize signs, Lights bar, Pipe Stakes, hard hats, safety vests, safety goggles. Contact Dave if interested.

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